Monday, January 23, 2017

welcome to my new blog

So my name is Debbie and I'm starting a new blog so I have to write that first welcome to my blog post.  Here is the simple concept behind my new project:  I'm a Christian and have been for years.  What if I try to live with gratitude for the things that I have been given?  There's no way that is going to happen without God's grace.  All to often, it won't happen at all.  Its a journey, a process that I know will never be complete and I can only try bit by bit.

There are a few things that I want to work on specifically.  One is my diet and health.  Its hard not to think about that in January but I know I've been putting off dealing with this for a long time.  I need to lose weight but more importantly, I need to watch my blood pressure and blood sugar.  I'm fifty and I've hit that realization that I won't love forever.   How does a spirit of grace and gratitude help?  I'm going to try and find out.

I tend to my father in law who is 95 and has dementia.  Improving the way he lives and how I feel about tending to him is another project.  Honestly, that one calls for all the grace and gratitude I can muster.  I spend a great deal of time at home because of him.  If I want to do something, even go for a walk, I have to consider who is watching him while I'm gone.  I have my husband and teenage son to help so we trade off.  Whatever we have for dinner has to be for all of us or I have to prepare different things--that doesn't make eating healthy easier.

We moved two years ago.  Our house is in the woods on almost five acres.  Its an unusual home that could stand some updating but it truly is pretty.  Everyone who sees it says so. I love a good project but anyone who has done home repairs knows how that goes grace and gratitude is needed.  

I have a creative streak.  I'm sewing a great deal lately.  I have been making plus size clothes.  I rarely find anything I like at the mall and I think many plus size ladies agree with me.  I am crocheting little hats for babies in NICU.  I haven't made any in a while but I want to start again.  I can't crochet as much as I used to because it hurts my hands.  I want to sew some softies to give to charity.  I will probably come up with other projects even some including glitter. :)  I sell some of these things on etsy and I want to be able to donate some because I have been blessed with time.

We have to many cats.  They are definitely part of my life.  So they may get a mention. 

I'm writing this for me.  Follow along if you like.  I am not apologizing for the Christian viewpoint but I won't try to push a bible down your throat.  

cat on a cool shingle roof

every blog post needs a photo so here is a picture of  Stripes who is relaxing on my car port.